Monday, May 19, 2014

12 ways to use fresh herbs

1. Sprinkle fresh herbs on veggies such as potatoes, mushrooms, peas, peppers, and broccoli
2. Make a flavorful pesto to use on sandwiches, add to hummus, in pasta or tossed with your favorite veggies.
3. Add to beverages such as lemonade, tea, cocktails or to flavor your water. Some of my favorites are mint with tea/water, and basil with lemonade.
Basil and mint make great additions to cocktails or iced tea!
4. Toss parsley, chives and/or cilantro into your salad.
5. Incorporate a mixture of herbs into your salad dressing. Give your dressing an extra kick of flavor and freshness for the spring. My favorite is a mixture of parsley, chives, and basil.
Chives are wonderful addition to compound butter!
6. Use them to make a delicious herbed compound butter.  This sauce can be used on fish, steak, chicken or lobster!
7. Add them to your omelet, scrambled eggs, quiche or frittata.
8. Use fresh herbs like parsley, basil and cilantro to garnish some of your favorite dishes!
9. Simmer stems or chop stems to use in sauces.  Basil stems are great simmered in a tomato sauce.  Use cilantro stems to make a pesto or flavorful dressing/marinade!
10. Use harder stems such as rosemary as skewers for grilling items such as scallops or shrimp.
11. Add herbs such as parsley, thyme, and tarragon to give your stock a boost of flavor!
12. Fry leaves for a flavorful and delicious garnish! This works great with sage and basil!

Add tarragon to your favorite sauce, such as hollandaise.

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