Seasonal Sweetheart was created to share my recipes with the world. Along the way I hope to include tutorials, nutritional information, product spotlights, and a variety of culinary tips and tricks. This blog will emphasize creating culinary dishes using the best seasonal ingredients available. Eating seasonally available produce is the best way to get the most nutrients out of your food. I am passionate about teaching people cooking and nutrition, as the two topics are very much interlinked.

If there are any topics that you would like to read about, send me a message. I would love to help answer any culinary or nutrition questions my readers have. If I do not know the answer, maybe we can work together to find one.

About the Author

My name is Kelly Allen, I began my culinary journey at the age for four, by helping my grandma bake cookies and other simple baked goods. As I got older, I began helping my mom prepare dinner for the family. Then in high school I took all the home economics classes that were offered. Somewhere along the way I became what is now called a foodie. I entered college not really knowing what I wanted to do, but eventually decided to major in nutrition. I really enjoyed learning the science of food and how it works within our bodies to produce energy. I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor of science in dietetics in 2010. Not yet satisfied with my culinary abilities, I enrolled in culinary school at the Art Institute of Ohio - Cincinnati where I graduated magna cum laude in 2012. I have worked in several kitchens and have catered small and large events. I currently work at a local cooking school where I get to satisfy my desire to help others explore their love of food. I strongly believe in using seasonally available ingredients, and I have an affinity for thai and indian cuisine. I also enjoy the challenge of baking delicious baked goods. Due to the influence of my boyfriend, I have become a knowledgeable beer connoisseur. I enjoy a good microbrew and have begun to incorporate beer into many of my dishes to enhance their flavor.
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