Sunday, August 25, 2013

Freezing Berries

Now is the perfect time to stock up on all the fresh berries being locally harvested. They are cheap and are at peak ripeness, which means they taste amazing right now. In order to savor their fruitiness all year long it is important to freeze them now. There are only a few simple steps to follow, and it will allow you to have great tasting berry treats all year long. You can substitute frozen berries in any recipe that calls for fresh.


  1. Line a sheet tray with parchment paper. This makes clean up a breeze and will prevent sticking.
  2. Make a single layer of berries on the tray.
  3. Place in freezer until completely frozen.
  4. Place in a freezer bag. Label and date. Enjoy!

Freezing can be done with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and even cherries. If using cherries, make sure to pit them first. These frozen berries can be used in cobblers, pies, smoothies, sauces, sorbets, ice cream, sherbet and much more. So take advantage of berry season, and enjoy them for months to come.

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